We are a vertically-integrated farm, meaning we develop our own land, nurture our own trees, harvest our own pistachios, process them and sell our own product. A true farm to table experience for our customers. By being this way, we can control all aspects to ensure the freshest, highest quality product.

❤️ From our farm to you...with love  ❤️

Our Story

Nestled in the breathtaking foothills of Arizona's Dragoon Mountain Range, Delicious Nut is more than just a farm—it's a sanctuary where the legendary Cochise Stronghold casts its protective shade over our thriving pistachio trees. Our roots run deep in Cochise County's historic southeast corner, where each nut is a testament to the land's beauty and bounty.

At Delicious Nut, we're a close-knit family, with many of our staff cultivating our orchards and roasting our pistachios for years, infusing love and meticulous care into every tree and kernel. It's a labor of love that begins with a waiting game;  pistachio trees can take 5-10 years to offer their first harvest!

Our pistachios are a culinary celebration of our perfect climate—sun-kissed days and cool nights combine with the rich, high desert soil to cultivate a sweeter, richer-flavored kernel, boasting a vibrant green hue.

Try our Delicious Nut pistachio: each pistachio tastes like a kernel of Arizona's soul, ready to be savored and shared. Welcome to our family, where we turn nature's alchemy into the pistachios you love—bursting with flavor, tradition, and heart.

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