Looking for a fiesta for your next snack or gathering? There's nothing like a flavor adventure to make a special event extra enjoyable!
Introducing our FIVE new and exciting flavor combinations to bring out the Fun!

Our fiesta pistachios are packed in a premium Italian glass with the spring lock closure, providing a visually beautiful presentation of three flavors in each jar. Each jar offers over 2 pounds of a fiesta of flavors for your enjoyment!

The adventure starts when you choose a flavor combination ranging from mild to spicy. The spring lock glass jars are beautiful and reusable. Pick one, you can't go wrong!  Enjoy the Fiesta!!!

Flavor Choices:
  1. Roasted Salted/Chili Lime/Roasted Garlic
  2. Hickory Mesquite/Roasted Salted/Jalapeno
  3. Chili Lime/Roasted Garlic/Hickory Mesquite
  4. Roasted Garlic/Jalapeno/Hickory Mesquite
  5. Hickory Mesquite/Chili Lime/Roasted Salted
NEW! Fiesta! Pistachios 32oz Jar - 3 Exciting Flavors in One Jar